I’ve spent the better part of two decades art directing advertising campaigns as an Creative Director. Each time I commissioned illustrations, I was secretly envious of the artist on the other line getting the chance to make beautiful art for a living. Little by little, I was lucky enough to create illustrations for a few campaigns, and finally just jumped in feet first. (The water was pretty perfect)

I love a good visual mash-up, work that makes people chuckle and I definitely dig a good political draw. Someone once said that illustration shines a light. Whether it solves creative puzzle or pulls apart a current event, illustration is more important than it’s ever been. It gives us levity, makes us think and inspires action. Nothing could make me happier.

My illustration has been described as sweet and sour, and has been featured in several award winning ad campaigns, editorial pubs and art shows.

I'm an avid follower of Yuko Shimuzu, Barry McGee, Anja Kroenke and Laura Laine. I’m also a pug enthusiast.

You can find me at mklasa@gmail.com